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Emotional Security

Emotional Security

Emotional security has been a driving factor in seeking new employment. Over the past few years, toxic work environments and corporate burnout have been under more scrutiny. As modern workers have created more remote working opportunities and more startups have launched, more employees view working for specific companies as a choice versus a requirement, and their tolerance for emotional mistreatment has lowered (which is a beautiful thing).

Employees need to feel safe when they walk into (or sign onto) a team meeting. They need to be able to share their voice, perspective, and unique ideas without fear of emotional backlash. That’s why the opportunity to work for a company where an employee feels safe and emotionally secure will win out.

By making your company an emotionally intelligent and safe space for your employees, you give them the opportunity to unleash their creativity and talent in new ways. This allows employees to put more brainpower into their work instead of their self-preservation.

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