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Please find hereafter our latest business / Job opportunities.

We fully concentrate on new business projects. Refreshing and promissing concepts. Business ideas and active businesses calling for innovation. Be the first to react. Many of the roles we are recruiting for or projects we work for are highly confidential, and therefore not advertised.

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PROJECT 01: Simple2Ship

We started a digital platform for all parcel services, locally and worldwide with one single click: Simple2Ship is a ONE STOP SHOPPING shipping solution company for smaller business. They provide an EASY way to process ALL shipments allowing to SAVE money by offering competitive rates for all shipping services. They only work with quality carriers.
Talent Sharing looked for a solid group of industry professionals that strongly believe in creating access to high quality transport services at a realistic cost, while also creating transparency between the services of world-class carriers



PROJECT  03 : Web Shops

Various Webshops: management, sales and profiling in specific markets. Talent Sharing created great opportunities for energetic people offering better products for a gigantic market. All based on agile thinking and fast reactions.

PROJECT  02 : Call Centers

Call center for sales management, agenda management, support, customer service activities  and client satisfaction reporting.

A digital way of reaching out to the markets and an alternative way to gain lots of new and satisfied clients.

PROJECT  04: Partners gezocht Voor Executive Search

Er is een bepaald type persoon vereist om de juiste persoon te plaatsen op de ideale plaats. Iemand die het verschil kan maken, die de ‘extra mile’ wil gaan en verantwoordelijkheid kan nemen ten aanzien van nieuwe bedrijfsideeën. Als ‘Industry Leader’ was je een organisator die werd gedreven door bedrijfsstrategie.  Als managing partner ben je een organisator die gedreven wordt door passie en toewijding. Je neemt ook graag initiatieven om ons team te verrijken met innovatieve ideeën.

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